Home app news There are 15 free phone monitoring apps available for iOS and Android.

There are 15 free phone monitoring apps available for iOS and Android.


There are 15 free phone monitoring apps available for iOS and Android.

In spite of the fact that our daily lives are getting progressively more civilized and risk-free, there is still a lot of dangers in the world around us. The amount of criminal activity is horrifying; the data on robberies, rapes, and kidnappings, particularly those involving minors, is particularly unsettling.

People might worry not just about their own children but also about their friends, loved ones, and elderly family members. This is in addition to the fact that parents are constantly concerned about the well-being of their own children. There are programs available in the digital world that may assist you in maintaining your safety, such as the 9 Best personal safety apps (Android & iOS).

Apps for monitoring a person’s location on a phone are tools that provide you the ability to track someone at all times. The vast majority of these applications provide free access to their fundamental features, making it possible for anybody to make use of them.

There is always something to worry about when you cannot be with the people you care about because they are away on a trip, staying someplace unexpectedly, or because you just cannot be with them. We have chosen the 15 best phone monitoring apps available for Android and iOS so that you do not have to be concerned about them.

App for Elder Care from Safe365, Daily Routines, a Locator, and More

The Safe365 app is designed specifically for families and gives you the ability to monitor everyone in your household at any given time. If you have children or grandparents, or if you’re concerned about a loved one, you can always check on them to make sure they’re safe and see if they’ve completed all that needed to be done.

You are now able to look after your loved ones and members of your family while also having the piece of mind that comes from knowing that everyone is secure. It is important to note that in order for all participants to join to a shared tracking network, personal authorization will need to be granted, and Safe365 will need to be downloaded into their respective smartphones.

Anyone whose activity you want to keep an eye on using Safe365 has to give you permission to do so. After that, you will be able to choose a few locations where individuals are most likely to go, and you will be alerted every time they leave or enter those locations.

There are 15 free phone monitoring apps available for iOS and Android.

You may even establish regular routines for younger children as well as for elderly folks. You will be able to set up obligatory activities inside Safe365, such as going to the doctor, attending school, or whatever else, and the individual will be required to indicate that they have completed these activities.

You may also get battery alerts from a family member via the Safe365, which will let you know that the signal may be lost at some time in the future.

1 Safe365 Eldercare App, Routines, Locator, and Many Other Features

The original purpose of the Foursquare Swarm app has changed; it is now intended to help users keep tabs on their travels, as well as their friends and the places they frequent most. Using the app, you will be able to show the rest of the world your favorite spots, where you often go, and even your typical commute.

Checking in allows you to keep track of all the areas you’ve visited in recent times, something you may do even if you’re away on vacation or traveling. It functions much like a social network in which members contribute information about their lives.

You are able to tell if one of your pals is nearby whenever you are in a certain section of the city. You are going to meet each other and have a nice time using this method, and you may even attach images to your general location.

When you write more comments on Foursquare Swarm, it will be much simpler for you to keep track of the routines you follow or the locations you go to the most often. During your stroll, stopping at a checkpoint at random gives you the opportunity to meet new people, find out who is in the immediate area, or discover which of your friends have been here before.

People have been able to not only meet new contacts via the use of Foursquare Swarm, but also locate items that they had forgotten (because they were able to completely retrieve their itineraries).

mSpy Lite Phone Family Tracker 1, the Free Version

You should download the mSpy Lite software right away if you are concerned about a member of your family or a group of your pals. It was created to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from being able to trace the whereabouts of your loved ones as well as monitor their phones.

If you use it, you will have assurance that the other person is not deceiving you and is located in a secure location. You are able to see the location whenever it is necessary to do so since it is updated every 20 minutes, which is nearly as often as it would be in real time.

You are able to monitor a person’s history, which is essentially their path, in addition to being able to track a person’s current position using mSpy Lite, which enables you to follow a person’s current location. The data is retained for the most recent three months of usage, indicating the locations that have been frequented the most.

mSpy Lite gives you the ability to monitor your children’s contact list, which is useful if you have kids. Your peace of mind will be preserved if you are aware that the youngster is not interacting with people who are not known to you.

In addition to it, there is a panic button. It is essential to have this in place so that in the event of an emergency, your kid or your grandparents will be able to send you a message and alert you that anything is wrong with them. They will be saved by pressing the panic button in the case of a potentially harmful circumstance.

Geo Tracker – GPS tracker

Individuals who go trekking or participate in sports over sufficiently long distances, among other activities, are the kind of people who could utilize location monitoring software. This particular sort of service is provided by Geo Tracker.

It gives you the ability to record GPS traces of your activities and trips so that you may subsequently share them with your friends or use them for some other reason. That way, you may demonstrate to other people how to reach a certain location, as well as duplicate your route, repeat the path of your friends, or highlight important waypoints.

People who are in unfamiliar territory might benefit from using Geo Tracker as well. You won’t be able to go lost if you follow the route track since it will lead you back to your starting location. Even when the program is not active, it is able to record a route, and the route’s length is not limited by any parameters.

Every piece of information is kept in a file that may be sent to family and friends or shared with other individuals. By the way, Geo Tracker also computes the statistics of your tracks, including the total distance traveled, the locations that were explored, and a great deal more. Additionally, Geo Tracker has an internal map that displays your whereabouts.

Glympse allows users to share their GPS whereabouts.

Are you going to meet your buddies in an unfamiliar place? Or maybe you scheduled a meeting with someone, but they can’t seem to locate you despite your best efforts. You may share your location in a timely manner that is both exact and precise by using Glympse.

You may also use it with your children, your parents, and your friends to reassure yourself that the other person is not attempting to trick or defraud you in any way. Is your girlfriend the one who told you she’s already on her way to your cafe? If you ask her to take a photograph in Glympse, she will suddenly remain at home, which will make her even later than usual.

You can instantly let your friends or family know where you are by sharing your position inside the app, and if they are using a smartphone that is connected to the internet, they will get the information right immediately. You are not have to register, and there is no need to worry that someone will keep track of your visits since Glympse will delete the information after some amount of time has passed.

Because of this service, you will never have to worry about anybody being concerned about your safety or wondering where you might possibly be, even if you are in an unusual or weird environment. You will always be able to communicate your whereabouts.

However, the most important aspect of Glympse is that it enables individuals to locate one another even in the most chaotic and congested settings, such as a music festival or a large public park.

Locate My Friends, Family, and Kids Using iSharing’s Location Tracker App

Track the Whereabouts of My Friends, Family, and Children iSharing is an application that allows you to maintain constant communication with your loved ones, whether they are friends or relatives. It is highly recommended that families with children who are unable to be in close proximity to each other at all times use the app so that they may have peace of mind.

Even if the person you care about arrives home from work late at night, you may still make certain that everything is secure. iSharing gives you the ability to monitor the whereabouts of your family members in real time while also allowing you to maintain your anonymity.

When a family makes use of iSharing, a private map is generated for them, which only they may see and interact with. In addition to this, you will be notified as soon as a person arrives at or departs from their destination.

The app will also notify you when a member of your family or a friend is in the area, allowing you to arrange to meet up with them. You are able to go over the location history or find out where their phone is right now, which is very helpful in the event that it has been misplaced or stolen. This may help you keep your children secure.

Child Cell Phone Location Tracker, also Known as “Find My Kids”

We have previously discussed in great detail the idea that there are circumstances in which children absolutely need the guidance of their parents. This is done for the parents’ peace of mind as well as for the protection of the children.
One of these programs that was developed especially for the communication between parents and their children is an application called “Find My Kids.”

You can always know where your children are and what they could be doing, even if they do not return your calls or texts. Even if your kid does not have a smartphone, the Find My Kids app may still be used since it is compatible with smartwatches.

The Find My Kids app gives you the ability to examine your child’s whole schedule for a single day, so you can find out exactly what they have been up to. You may also make sure that they are not in any potentially harmful locations or neighborhoods that are known to have criminal activity in your city.

You may send a loud beep to the kid’s phone in the event that you absolutely need to speak to him but the youngster isn’t picking up the phone. This will assist you discover him or her even if the smartphone is set to quiet mode.

There are 15 free phone monitoring apps available for iOS and Android.

In addition, the Find My Kids website provides a family chat room where you and your kid may communicate with one another and share vital information. You may monitor your child’s environment and ensure that he is safe by listening in on conversations that take place while he is not picking up the phone.

Locator for My Children’s Cell Phones1 Find My Children’s Cell Phones Tracker Find My Kids Child Cell Phone Location 2

Life360: Find Family & Friends

You have almost certainly heard of the Life360 app by this point if you have ever pondered the question of how you can monitor the whereabouts of your friends and family. The Life360 app is well-known for having several options that may be used for protecting families and homes.

You may, of course, monitor the positions of your family and friends at all times and get information about their whereabouts in real time from them. These types of alerts are set up in the following manner: you specify a place where you will be alerted either when the person arrives or when they depart.

The Life360 app also has a safe driving mode that users may activate. Following each journey, the application will give you with comprehensive information on the route, speed, and overall safety. That way, not only can you keep track of your own travels, but also those of your children or friends.

The Life360 will provide you with comprehensive information on the whereabouts of those who are a part of your inner circle and who also share a private map with you. It is inevitable that the individual will be aware that you are able to observe their whereabouts and follow them to some degree; otherwise, the system would not function properly.

Tracker with Real-Time GPS

Live GPS Tracker

Are you going on a vacation and you want your friends and family to know what’s going on with you while you’re gone? Or, on the other hand, your family members or friends are going on a vacation, and you are curious about how everything is going? You do not have to constantly phone or chat with them online since this is the situation.

You are able to see associated files and images as well as see where your friends or family members have been by using the Live GPS Tracker application. This software is a fantastic method to travel nearly together without making use of any social media platforms.

It is important to keep in mind that a person is responsible for uploading material to their own Live GPS Tracker account. That is to say, you are unable to communicate with him at any moment and learn the specifics of where he is. The program also has the capability to function in the background, recording all of your movements and superimposing them on the map.

You are free to provide the names or descriptions of some points on your own. For instance, when you go trekking, it might be intriguing spots with associated images and your thoughts about them. You may also skip the step of having other users install Live GPS Tracker by just providing them with the URL to your route, at which point they will be able to watch it on their browsers.


KidsloxBecause mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are now available at prices that are within reach of most families, children are starting to use them at younger and younger ages. Even when parents make an effort to exert their authority over the situation, there are times when this is just not feasible.

Your children will be able to learn how to use their electronic devices in a safe and responsible manner in daily life with the help of an app called Kidslox. In point of fact, you receive extensive parental control, which enables you to set clear limitations in terms of the amount of time that can be spent using the service as well as the types of material that are permitted to be watched.

The amount of time that may be spent on a device can be restricted using the Kidslox app. Your child’s smartphone or tablet will cease to function after the allotted amount of time has passed, rendering it unavailable to them. It is also feasible to restrict access to resources or programs provided by other parties.

In passing, I should mention that after installing Kidslox on the tablet, you will easily be able to convert it back to its regular mode and utilize it for your own purposes. You may also disable the webcam, giving you complete peace of mind that your youngster will not access any inappropriate websites. In addition, Kidslox has a blocking mechanism for online shopping and app use, ensuring that your associated credit cards will not be subject to any unwelcome charges.

FamiSafe is a Parental Monitoring App that also Tracks Location.

App for Parental Control and Location Tracking – FamiSafe1FamiSafe gives its customers complete control over all of their electronic devices, making it ideal for families. It is geared for more mature youngsters who already own their own cellphones and who may not be physically present with their parents for extended periods of time.

You are able to restrict pornographic material using the application, as well as set the device’s uptime limit and monitor your child’s whereabouts. If you link all of the electronic gadgets in your home to FamiSafe, you will always be aware of what is happening with your kid.

You can simply stop your youngster from sitting up late at night and playing on their smartphone if they have a habit of doing so. Simply enter the times you want to use FamiSafe, and the software will take care of everything else. In addition to this, it will prevent undesired search results from being shown in the browser, and you will be warned if they approach a potentially hazardous area.

You can even monitor your smartphone remotely, and this ability is not limited to situations in which the device is linked to a public network. It is important to keep in mind that the history of your browser as well as your search queries are saved in FamiSafe. Because of this, you will be able to recognize any undesirable websites even if you delete them from your browser.

The FamiSafe2 Parental Control App also includes a Location Tracker. FamiSafe is a Parental Monitoring App that also Tracks Location.

GPS Logger for Android

You can use the GPS Logger app if you are concerned that something might happen to you at some point or if you simply want to remember your route. Both of these uses are perfectly acceptable reasons to use the app. After a certain length of time, which you may choose for yourself, it will save your coordinates.

You may keep yourself secure regardless of whether you are going on a long walk, traveling to another city, or doing a risky profession by continually watching your smartphone and preserving the information you find on it. The most important point is that GPS Logger is able to save energy and run for an extended period of time without draining the power from your battery.

You may construct a journey itinerary using all of the files you’ve captured while you’ve been traveling and add geolocation tags to them. After some time has passed, you will also be able to recreate the feelings you experienced during a trip or journey; all you need to do is upload your route to Google Earth.

If you want other people to be able to see where you are or track your travels, it is necessary for you to give the generated files to them on your own. You even have the option of uploading them to a cloud storage service so others may access them. When you are on your own trip, you may keep in touch with other individuals by sending them letters with your itinerary every few hours.

Where Can I Find My Droid?

The program known as Wheres My Droid is not meant to ensure the user’s personal safety in any way. In general, it is beneficial to make use of it in situations when you do not want to lose your phone or there is a possibility that it will be stolen.

You may put the software on the smartphone of your kid or another family member so that in the event that you misplace it, you will have an easier time locating it.

Wheres My Droid also gives you the ability to find out exactly where your smartphone is at any given time as well as the location it was in just a few moments ago. In the event that your gadget is stolen, you may even snap a picture of it from a distant location in order to identify the thief.

Wheres My Droid safeguards your information by preventing it from being deleted and restricting the access that other parties have to it. Turning up the volume on your smartphone allows you to quickly locate it and even use it to make calls in the event that it has been stolen.

In the event that the app detects that the battery is running low, it will email the GPS coordinates of its current location to you. When you use Wheres My Droid, you can remotely lock your smartphone, establish a password on it, and even protect your personal information from being stolen. As a result, an intruder will be unable to take anything, and your device will be returned to you.

Connected, a Family Finder, and a GPS Tracker

At the moment, there are a great deal of programs available for families that make it possible to maintain constant communication. One of those programs that will enable you to maintain contact with members of a small family group that you and only you are able to access is called Connected.

You will not only be spared the trouble of worrying about the well-being of members of your family, but you will also be kept apprised of all the activities of those you hold dear. It is important to keep in mind that Connected is not designed for monitoring or spying, and that each individual member of your family or close circle must independently download and consent to use the program.

In order to initiate the formation of a circle, each member of the family will need to have the app downloaded into their mobile device. After that, a code is sent to each of them so that they may use it to connect to the system. Connected gives you the ability to customize individual settings for each circle. For instance, you may keep tabs on the safety of both your family and your friends with this feature.

When you are tracking, all of the data is sent to you in real time, just as it is for the other members in the circle. Connected notifies all participants that one of them may be in danger or that they are running low on battery life.

Find and monitor your device using the FollowMee GPS Tracker.

There may be situations when you need a solution that is adaptable enough to be used on a variety of devices. An program known as FollowMee may be used to synchronize with your own website.

You are able to view the location of your family members and friends on the site if you have the app installed on their smartphones as well as on your own device. Because the software transforms your smartphone into a location monitoring device, you will constantly be aware of the precise whereabouts of these individuals.

FollowMee is a popular app that is used not only by households but also by huge businesses. It is easy to keep tabs on couriers, workers, or friends that go to an unexpected region thanks to this feature.

You are able to examine the current position of the individual at any time on the site, as well as see his most recent whereabouts. The data that is monitored inside the program is not shared with any third parties, nor is it utilized in any way that is related to advertising.

The purpose of the whole service was to protect the well-being of individuals. FollowMee will automatically monitor your GPS location once every five minutes, but the user has the ability to customize the time period.

The practice of making sure your loved ones are secure has been common for a long time, especially when done online. Every youngster that is growing up in this day and age has their very own smartphone that allows them to stay in contact with their family and friends.

There are 15 free phone monitoring apps available for iOS and Android.

On the other hand, parents want to shield their kids from the potentially harmful effects of the Internet, their surroundings, and other people who might try to teach them something that isn’t good for them. A parent can easily understand whether or not his child is cheating and what he is doing at any given moment by monitoring his child’s phone activity.

It goes without saying that you can always send a message to anyone with the text “Where are you?” but it is not guaranteed that you will receive an answer right away. Therefore, these programs are an excellent option, in addition to providing a guarantee of safety and a prompt reaction in the event that your smartphone is stolen.

We really hope that this article was of use to you, and that you are now able to make an investment in your own sense of calm.

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