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Free Online level Bubble Shooting Games for 15 Years 2022 (Android & iOS)


Free Online level Bubble Shooting Games for 15 Years 2022 (Android & iOS)

Are you fed up with the monotony of your everyday routine? Do you want to have some fun on the subway ride back to your place from work? I have some suggestions for you. In this situation, we recommend that you play bubble shooting games since they are a lot of fun to participate in.

In addition, we would like to recommend that you investigate the top games that fall under the category of hypercasual.

POP Bubble Shooter with Angry Birds

A fun and challenging vertical game based on the Angry Birds world, including fan-favorite characters from the franchise.

This time, the players will have to use their influence on Stella and her companions, who are still engaged in a fight against the disruptive green pigs.

No, they do not take the eggs anymore, but they still try to destroy the life of feathery and stop them by using a strange cannon, different colored balls, and the abilities of the characters.

The gameplay is very similar to that of a standard bubble shooter puzzle game, in which you use a cannon to shoot colorful balls in the hopes of collecting a group of three or more identical portions from among those balls.

You will find pigs hiding behind the balls as they make fun of their feathery friends. Demonstrate to the pigs that their feathered friends’ efforts are fruitless. As soon as you destroy all of the balls that are present in the area, the pigs will start to descend from the sky, and the level will be considered completed.

Power-ups that can blow up adjacent components, smash balls of the same color, or even mix the balls’ colors together will benefit from the facilitate passage ability.

You will encounter a wide variety of challenges as you go through the game, including your old standbys like ice, wood, and stone barriers. This first-person shooter’s stunning visuals, along with its visually stunning animation and effects, and its excellent musical score, are the primary reasons why it is possible to rank it as the most successful example of its genre.

Free Online level Bubble Shooting Games for 15 Years 2022 (Android & iOS)


Birdpapa is an addicting bubble shooter game for Android in which you will help Daddy Bird store his babies. The game is free to download and play. The game is played in the same manner as the classic bubble shooter. It does not support Wi-Fi connectivity but produces very high-quality photos.

Within the confines of a bubble forest, the game narrates the cheerful lives of a hen father and his adorable offspring as they hide from the world. The objective of the activity is to destroy bubbles of the same hue by sliding your fingertips over the surface.

After that, make it a point to look around to see if you can find the baby bird that you dropped down earlier. You may complete an additional quest by assembling a mosaic out of the pieces you get at various points during the game. These things may be put to use to improve the living conditions of your birds.

How exactly does one play this game?

Adjust your aim, and then shoot a bubble of the color you choose directly at the target.
Put the bubbles in rows of at least three of the same kind. You need to shoot them in order to find the gorgeous women.
Take the game to the next level by making use of the many objects.
What stands out most about the game is:

Over four hundred enthralling levels, three different game styles, the ability to “pumping” the game (adding upgrades), colorful visuals, and simple control are all included in this game.

Bubble Mania

Friends, you are looking at a copy of one of the most popular arcade games, which has a long and illustrious history! Back in 1983, the video game Cannon Ball was created somewhere in Japan under the careful eye of Hudson Soft. The following year, the sport was converted to the Spectrum platform and given the name Bubble Buster.

This amusing, like all the creative things in the gaming industry, had a very simple objective and a very much less simple principle of control: the primary character had to race about the place, crushing and smashing the balls flying over him, and accruing unique bonuses along the way.

You are well aware that Hudson Soft was responsible for the development of something really remarkable, which went on to win the hearts of many players and serve as a model for countless years of sports software designers to come. Yes, I’m about to introduce you to the protagonist of the story: Super Bubble Mania!

If the original game is well-designed and has all of the elements necessary for a successful “shot” (difficulty, speed, and controls; of course, these elements may vary depending on the genre), then the fans will have no choice but to build a clone and redefine it in their own way.

In general, the developers of Super Bubble Mania did exactly that: the characters evolved into those of different genders, the balls introduced different shapes (but with a similar trajectory of flight), and the game itself consists of three modes, even though the gap between them is no longer as significant as it once was.

The first two of them have a time constraint, but the second one is much more difficult in terms of how the levels are organized. The first third is a score minimum, or, if you choose, an examination of your own personal stamina.

The goal of the game is still the same as it was in the previous segment, which is to eliminate all balls of the same color via the use of shooting. The game continues with the previous section’s beneficial perks intact.

Additionally, many new things have been introduced, such as the capability to upgrade weaponry or get goodies that will assist you in progressing through the stages more quickly. However, the most prominent trait that has endured and been passed down from its Japanese predecessor is the catastrophic complexity of the process at the supposedly risk-free location.

The success is really close to becoming a Pacman!

Extraordinary bubbles:

To shoot bubbles of any hue in a rainbow pattern.
Bomb: to cause the level to completely detonate.
The act of immediately doubling your score via the use of the “super-count.”
You are about to be electrocuted by the Bubble Lightning.
Cover neighboring bubbles with ice to create an ice bubble.
Make use of your brains to get through these challenges!

Trolls Pop from DreamWorks Animation

An interesting bubble shooter game for Android in which you team up with your favorite trolls to explode colored balloons together.

Additionally, one of the goals of this game is to pop bubbles of the same hue. Trolls serve as the game’s primary protagonists and antagonists. Your troll will undergo a transformation with each new level. Their unique skills set them apart from one another. During the course of the game, you will need to collect bugs in order to get bonus points.


a plethora of enthralling levels, endearing trolls, wacky outfits, potent upgrades, vibrant visuals, and user-friendly control schemes.
trollspop1 \sgoogleplay1
Bubble Blast 2 is an enjoyable puzzle game in which the player’s goal is to initiate a chain reaction by blowing bubbles in order to eliminate all of the bubbles in the game.

Two game modes are available:

Puzzle mode has 10,000 different levels, while the arcade mode is available for free play.
The video game Bubble Blast 2 is quite relaxing, much like watching a film with bubbles, which many of us like popping for no particular reason. However, it is not possible to switch off the brain process entirely in this situation since the toy is still rational. It boils down to the fact that you have to click on the bubbles, which, as you probably figured, causes the bubbles to pop.

In the puzzle mode, you need to touch the screen a set amount of times before all of these bubbles will disappear. The problem is that they don’t only explode when you touch them; rather, they also explode as a result of the splashing that happens when the brothers rupture.

However, even this is not the problem; the issue is that the bubbles are all different sizes. If you push or strike the largest bubbles, which are red, they will instantly explode, however, the lesser bubbles, which are green, will merely become red. The yellow ones are even little, and as they become smaller, they turn green.

The ones that are the first blue and then become yellow are the tiniest. Therefore, you need to calculate the steps that are given to you in such a way that each bubble becomes red and ultimately pops.

I sincerely hope that my lengthy explanation didn’t make things more complicated for you, because it’s really fairly easy, even though there are moments when you feel like you need to utilize the suggestion, which is only available once per twenty-four hours. It has not been determined whether or whether this constraint may be remedied by translating the clock that is shown on the phone.

Underwater Bubble Breaker

When you participate in the activity known as Underwater Bubble, you will go across the water. Your path is being obstructed by bubbles, and those bubbles are begging to be popped. The longer you play, the more difficult the game becomes!

Free Online level Bubble Shooting Games for 15 Years 2022 (Android & iOS)


Graphics with a lot of colors; Appropriate for both teenagers and adults; Difficulty levels that become progressively harder; Cancel and restart buttons in convenient places; Requires an Internet connection.

You decided to go swimming in the sea, but as you were making your way across the ocean, you discovered that your path was blocked. You must now pop all of the bubbles in order to make it through the level. You will need to use your thinking abilities, but with a dash of relaxation thrown in for good measure.

You have access to an enormous number of wonderful levels, each of which is unique and increases in difficulty as you go through the levels.

Farm Bubbles

In this game, your objective is to assist a chicken family in rescuing several baby chickens.

The gameplay of the shooter is quite straightforward, but at the same time, it incorporates elements of an arcade puzzle game. The gameplay is straightforward: to destroy other bubbles, you must fire bubbles of the appropriate hue at them. In addition, it is essential to let the chickens free at some point over the course of the game (they are in transparent bubbles).

Characteristics that set apart the game Farm Bubbles are as follows:

around one thousand distinct levels, ranging from easy to difficult;
When firing a gun, there is a need to aim in order to be effective (to improve accuracy). It has no associated costs;
Capability to choose a color from among two different bubbles. The function doesn’t cost anything;
Extraordinary bonus balls (fire, multicolored, ball +5); atypical bonus balls.
Optional game mode selection (with many missions from which to choose);
Playing with pals across a network while synchronizing their progress and saving the results.

Bubble Freedom

An interesting vintage puzzle game. The gameplay remains the same; your objective is to pop bubbles and advance through the stages. Even though each of these games adheres to a straightforward mechanic, what sets them apart from one another are extras that come as a nice surprise.

What stood out to us in particular was:

Matching three or more bubbles of the same hue is required in order to form a combination of bubbles;
Multiple levels that range from difficult to very difficult;
Bonus fireball is awarded when seven bubbles of the same color are matched;
When you successfully match 10 or more bubbles, you will get the Bomba Bonus.
Gameplay that is synchronized over a network and the opportunity to compete against friends;
There are no premium features.

Bubble Explode

Features A promising new arcade game called Bubble Explode asserts that popping bubbles has never been more enjoyable as it is in this game. The video game has some really beautiful animations, as well as power-ups and internet play.

Bubble Explode is the first-rate balloon game that should have been available on Android devices from the beginning. This game has a number of different settings, including survival, easy game, gravity, and difficult mode.

Because each of these game types is challenging and exciting in its own unique manner, you won’t have any trouble getting used to the game after it’s been downloaded and installed on your computer.

The plot is complemented by high-quality music and cutting-edge visuals, in addition to actual, as close to reality physics, which will surprise every player who has previously played numerous forms of the iconic balls.

Exploding Bubbles; a Number of Different Modes of Recreation; Enjoyable Animations
monetary incentives for the expansion of firms into bubbles of more common forms, such as squares, lines, and corners;
Having the ability to undo up to ten strikes in reverse;
Skins of many colors as well as black and white.

Free Online level Bubble Shooting Games for 15 Years 2022 (Android & iOS)

Game Modes:

Shooter, Invasion, Relaxation, Gravity, Critical, Game vs. Computer, Steady Twos, and Swapper are some of the games that are included in this compilation.

The Second Bubble Witch

A highly intriguing continuation of the well-known game’s second chapter, which should have an original take on the arcade game genre. Although there are many parallels to be seen between this game and the well-known project Zuma, neither this game nor Zuma are any less intriguing.

Because the game’s mechanics have not been altered in any way since the first part, it should not be difficult for you to recall your preferred ball shooter while playing the sequel. Shooting with unique firearms will allow you to accomplish the game’s primary objective, which is to eliminate balls of the same color as yourself.

It is going to be important to choose such a version so that the balls of the same color were as many as possible, and then you will be able to gain more points, and you will also need to adjust the structure.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that we are now in the second phase of the game, and that we could not have won without the innovations. This game will not only be enjoyable for youngsters, but also for adults, and it will keep every player engaged for a significant amount of time.

A video game in the form of an arcade cabinet in which Stella and her pals take center stage. The user is encouraged to accompany them on their adventure and keep them company. The protagonists must contend with malevolent spirits, which are subservient to the formidable Witch.

Over the course of sixty stages, the player will be tasked with correctly bursting balls and assisting pals in the struggle against mystical foes. The game has cartoon-style visuals and entertaining music, all of which contribute to the game’s addicting gameplay. All of these will make the games more enjoyable and will provide a great deal of joy and satisfaction.

Includes the following in Bubble Witch 2:

An exciting new chapter in the Bubble Witch series,
Innovative and rapid ways of recreational play,
Pictures of enchantment that will leave you feeling charmed yourself,
Hundreds of amazing bubble image levels, with brand new ones arriving every two weeks.
When connected to the internet, sporting devices are able to easily synchronize with one another.
leaderboards that allow you to monitor your friends and other competitors,
The ability to collect stars, which will allow you to unlock various items that will be of assistance to you on your mission.
The availability of one-of-a-kind bubbles and boosters to choose from.

Clash of the Bubbles

An intriguing new sport that, conceptually speaking, is identical to the sports that came before it. Once again, popping the bubbles is the only way to collect gems and points. The goal is to pop all of the bubbles and collect points in the process! You need to choose at least three bubbles of the same color and then blow them all up.

Develop a plan to pop all of the bubbles using fewer photographs in order to increase your score total. Each step has its own one-of-a-kind difficulties! This game may be played without the need for an internet connection!

To get a bomb that destroys all of the bubbles in its immediate vicinity, you must first detonate ten bubbles in a single shot. Explode seven bubbles as quickly as possible to get a ball lightning bolt that will go down the channel. Every level should be completed with a goal of earning three stars.

In the recreation, your goal is to pop all of the bubbles displayed on the screen so that you can earn three stars for each level. The game has intuitive controls, over forty different, interesting stages, two different game modes (survival and adventure), and realistic portraits and physics.

Version 2 of Bubble Island

The exciting first-person shooter Bubble Island is favored by millions of gamers. The game has a ton of brand-new conundrums and a refreshingly innovative approach to gaming.

The objective of the game is to accompany the Coon on his adventures as he travels the world. You will go to a variety of places and unlock new levels as you progress. New characters, including a poodle, a panda, and a pelican, will be introduced to you as you go through the game.

Create the perfect photos, and kick off the most remarkable chain reactions! Rock out in this town!
Come along with Rico Raccoon on this bubble trip around the world and witness the revitalization of some of the world’s most famous cities!
You will make new friends along the way of your adventure, including an adorable panda. Along the way, you will have to solve new puzzles, complete a number of objectives, and snap the greatest photographs.

A Tale of the Smurfs and Their Bubble Shooter

The Smurfs’ adventures are recounted in this video game! The Smurfs with a bubble shooter is a pretty creative mix, and it’s likely that fans of the movie will like playing it.

The plot will have some connection to the animated short. Characters have not changed in any way. Those on the righteous side: the Smurfs and their companions. The Wicked One: Gargamel

The arcade is entertaining and will challenge your critical thinking skills. The game takes place in a variety of vibrant settings, which are likely to excite and delight players of all ages. The game has a fantastic gaming experience throughout its hundreds of unique levels.

The narrative is about more than just the bubble collapsing, however. There is a feature in the game where players may earn rewards by constructing homes for Smurfs and using such homes. Coins may be traded in for unique benefits that will increase the number of balls that are eliminated while playing the game.

The following extras are available for purchase: “rainbow” balls, which can shatter any color, “bomb” balls, which may break many rows at once, and “balls for targeting as precisely as possible.”

Begin an adventure full of fun and frolic with your trusty Smurf companions now! Find your way through treacherous woods, fascinating meadows, and rushing rivers on your search for the young Smurfs that got lost.

Included in the Smurfs Bubble Story are:

Your favorite Smurfs are here to help you bust bubbles and collect heaps of magical items: There’s Smurfette, as well as Strongman, Prudent, and Rusty, among others.
There are hundreds of missions, each with challenging obstacles: A world filled with color, boss fights, and a leaderboard

If you tap a ball of any color, it will cause all of the surrounding balls of the same shade to vanish. The more balls that are eliminated in a single round, the more factors you will get. You have the ability to choose the type of game, the graph of the balls, the size of the playing area, and the dimensions of the playing area.
The game has a total of 8 different game modes, which are referred to as Gravity, Ball Shooter, Blitz, Critical Mass, Game Against the Computer, and Classic, respectively.

Supreme Bubbles

No matter your age, you’ll have a good time playing the amusing game Supreme Bubbles. The objective is simple: shoot and burst bubbles before they reach the finish line. Although the goal is simple, it will provide you with a great deal of excitement and amusing minutes.

To earn points in the game, you will need to display your precision when shooting the balls.

A wacky little froggy managed to get his hands on a cannon that fires balls of different colors, and he wanted to test it out. In addition to that, we want to evaluate their precision, correctness, and ability to calculate.

Find two or more balls of the same color, position the gun in that direction (the gun should already be set to discharge a ball of the same color), and fire. This will shatter the balls at the top of the stack. When the balls are stuck in precisely the correct way, they will explode, and new ones will emerge in their place.

Your primary objective in this game is to prevent the balls from reaching the finish line; if they do so, you will have lost the match. At the conclusion of each round, you will be informed of the total number of points you have earned; consequently, you should always strive to achieve a higher total.

Bubbles and Treasures Are Two of the Game’s Main Attractions:

Discover tens of thousands of incredible levels; Win incredible upgrades and prizes;
Solve various puzzles;
Eliminate ten bubbles with a single shot and get a bomb that eliminates all of the bubbles in the surrounding area;
Explode seven bubbles at the same time to create a ball-shaped lightning bolt that can pass through the opening;
You may acquire boosts by spending the coins you earn.

Bubbles with a Power Pop!

And last, but certainly not least, we would like to bring your attention to the game known as Power Pop Bubbles. This incredible shooter has more than a thousand different levels to go through.

In addition, we want to make it clear that this is not a one-day game, and that in order for you to make any headway in this arena, you will need to devote a significant amount of your time and energy to the endeavor.

The challenge will get more challenging as you go through the levels. When you come to the first one, for instance, you see a pitch that consists of a number of different colored balls or bubbles at the very top of the screen. It’s likely that you are already aware of what to do!

The bubble will vanish from the screen after you have achieved the objective, which is another bubble of the same color. When you remove three balls in a row in a succession, those balls will also vanish.

In addition to that, make sure that you maintain your focus on the blue and red indications that are located at the bottom of the screen. They are eligible for a bonus once they have progressed to a higher level. Additionally, those indicators will endow you with superpowers, such as the ability to destroy the entire construction of bubbles with a single shot.

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