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15 Best Free Chess Apps for Android & iOS

Chess is one of the most widely played games on the planet. It is still one of the most beautiful and intricate games ever conceived, having originated in India over a thousand and a half years ago. It’s no surprise that it’s gone digital!

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There are now a plethora of ch-ess applications available, both with a human opponent and with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) opponent. It makes no difference if you’re a novice, an amateur, or a professional player. These apps will assist you in honing your skills and having fun while playing your favorite game.

play and learn chess symbol

Chess Play & Learn was created by Ch-ess.com, the world’s most popular chess website. There are several reasons why it is utilized by over 5 million individuals all around the world.

Ch-ess.com includes everything a player may need to improve and perfect their playing skills. There are more than 50 thousand puzzles to solve, as well as hundreds of interactive tutorials and films to watch.

Furthermore, you can play ch-ess against a real opponent or Al. You can choose from a variety of game types, such as short games or extended games, allowing you to plan your next move for the entire day or just a few minutes.

The app has a lovely design with a variety of themes to select from. There are also intriguing sound effects that add to the appeal of the games. A user-friendly design makes it simple to locate all of the different functionalities.

Chess Play & Learn is unquestionably one of the best chess apps available. It not only allows users to play ch-ess, but it also assists them in learning how to play with a variety of additional features. Although the software is free, there are some in-app purchases, which do not involve all of the major features. Get it now and start working toward your goal of becoming a grandmaster!

Friendship ch-ess

icon for chess with friends

15 Best Free Chess Apps for Android & iOS

Chess with Friends is a game where you can play traditional ch-ess with your friends or just random individuals. It also offers a training mode where you can select your level and compete against the robot. Nonetheless, the main purpose of this program is to play chess in real-time, thus there are a variety of extra elements that help to improve the fight experience.

To begin, there is in-app chat, which may be used to encourage an opponent, provide a few pointers, or, on the other hand, boast about your successful plays. Then there’s the ranking system, which encourages you to play chess more frequently in order to become the greatest among your friends! It is also possible to connect a Facebook account with pals.

Overall, the software has all of the required tools for having interesting and exciting chess games with friends. Another noteworthy feature is the ability to play many games at once. Start playing your first ch-ess game right now by downloading the app!

free chess icon

This is often regarded as the greatest ch-ess app for Android. Chess Free is best suited for local play; you cannot play online with this software, but you can play with a friend by passing a smartphone between you.

This software is the perfect choice if you prefer to be unplugged from time to time. It boasts a strong gaming engine that can take on even the most powerful gamers. You can choose from 12 various levels and modes, as well as a variety of tips. Another cool feature is a specific tip that shows you which figure to choose for your next move but not how to move it.

Chess Free offers a fantastic ch-ess experience with AL. Despite the fact that it is free, there are hardly any annoying advertisements. The layout is straightforward. There are eight ch-ess boards to pick from, as well as many chess piece sets. If you believe it is preferable to practice on a computer before engaging in a real-life conflict, then download this program right now and begin gaining experience!

SparkCh-ess is a free online chess game.


If you’re a chess fanatic, you should definitely check Media Division SRL’s SparkCh-ess.

As a result, once you’ve launched the app, it will show you the following options:

Learn — enables users to study chess through built-in tutorials.

Practice chess and play against AI to improve your skills.

Play and compete with your friends online in the challenge mode.

Over 30 lessons are included in the software, and you may also practice with the chess puzzles supplied. Users can get thorough instructions on how to play ch-ess from the inbuilt ch-ess tutor.

You can always save a game batch, replay, or undo your actions while playing. You can also modify the chessboard style if you want to.

SparkChess adapts to your level of expertise, allowing you to play regular, quick, or expert games.

Moving on, the app includes built-in statistics that allow users to keep track of their progress at all times. In addition, the program allows you to import and export batches in PGN format.

Overall, SparkChess will appeal to a wide range of users, from novices to experts.

Chess with Toons

oon Clash Ch-ess2Toon Clash Chess allows users to enter the wonderful Playville environment and improve their ch-ess skills.

The application features stunning 3D graphics, distinctive characters, and vibrant animations that will captivate users.

When you first start the game, you will have access to a variety of different places (playing boards), such as the Forest, Playville, and Magic Tree. After that, you must decide whether you want to play for the black or white squad.

There are two game modes in Toon Clash Chess. In the first, you can choose your favorite squad and play against the computer. Users can play with their friends or relatives in the next two-player mode.

Following that, you can select an appropriate difficulty level – Easy, Normal, or Master. Users can use the integrated hints and undo actions at any moment while playing.

Live Chess

Another chess app for Android smartphones is Chess Live. In comparison to the programs listed above, it is relatively simple; yet, simplicity can be advantageous.

You can compete with a friend, Al, or a random user of the app in any of the game modes available in the app. Because the chess engine is one of the most advanced, the playing experience should be thrilling.

There are five different difficulty levels to pick from, so you can find one that suits you best. The app has a lovely design and some great sound effects. There is nothing else to do but play, so if you want a basic software with no complicated details, this is the one to get! It is completely free of charge.

a true chess legend

15 Best Free Chess Apps for Android & iOS

Real Chess is yet another Android app. Its main reason for being on our list is because of its stunning 3D graphics. Real Ch-ess is a web-based chess game. There are over a million people who utilize it, thus there are a lot of potential foes.

You can communicate while playing, making games more involved and enjoyable. There is no need to register; simply download the app and start playing! In addition to internet gaming, there is a training mode with over 2400 levels. You can utilize suggestions to help you out in difficult situations when playing with Al.

The app’s design is one of the best, as we’ve already noted. If you like, you can change the theme and play ch-ess with lovely graphics! You may easily disable the 3D option if you prefer 2D boards. Get this lovely app right now and have fun playing chess!

Magnus Chess is a ch-ess game that you may play online.

magnus symbol to play

The current World Ch-ess Champion is Magnus Carlsen. He has won all three types of chess championships and is known for his unique style of play. Try to outsmart Magnus. Magnus Ch-ess is a ch-ess app with a unique ch-ess engine.

Aside from chess, the app has a training mode that will put you through your paces with Magnus-approved puzzles. You can also learn some fun facts about the World Chess Champion and keep up with the latest ch-ess news.

The app’s design is incredibly evocative, giving the feeling that you’re interacting with Magnus Carlsen in real life. Magnus is a completely free game to play. You may buy it right now and begin practicing with the world’s greatest grandmaster!

iChess is a ch-ess puzzle game.

Icon for iChess

Because iChess is an app without a game mode, you won’t be able to play with a real opponent or with AL. iCh-ess is unique in that it is used to solve ch-ess puzzles. If you don’t want to waste time on a whole game, you can just solve a couple of ch-ess problems, which are based on real contests.

The program has three levels for users to choose from normal, advanced, and master. There is no need for an internet connection, so you can enjoy solving puzzles even if you are not near a WiFi hotspot. You can also use the program to analyze games by uploading PGN files and solving your own challenges. There are also some hints.

Although iChess is free software, you must pay to unlock the most recent puzzles from previous ch-ess competitions. This is, of course, a free function, so get the app immediately and start making the most of your free time!


Iconlich-ess lichess  You may play online or with AL, analyze games and solve puzzles, select from a variety of ch-ess-like games, and much more. The best part is that the app is completely free and has no advertisements. It now has over 150 thousand users, and new ones join every day (who knows, maybe you’ll be the next!).

Lichess focuses mostly on online mode and introduces a slew of intriguing features to go along with it. There is a rating system, statistics, and competitions available. You can also play antiques, crazy house, racing kings, and other games in addition to classic ch-ess and its variations. Download lich-ess to learn more about different ch-ess games!

Pro Ch-ess Tactics (Puzzles)

pro chess tactician

Another software for solving puzzles is Ch-ess Tactics Pro. It’s a great way to pass the time. You will never be bored if you have one of these apps. There are numerous difficulty levels in the program, ranging from beginner to advanced. It also has an ELO system installed, which selects problems for you based on your preferences. It’s also taken into account how far you’ve come.

You’ll never run out of riddles because fresh ones are added on a daily basis. However, there is a stable offline package available. The design is simple and straightforward, with no complex buttons. You may get this software for free and start solving chess puzzles right away!

Chess in a Pocket

Users can practice their ch-ess skills in Pocket Chess.

You can immediately begin playing the app after it has been launched. The application has a large number of levels, ranging from the easiest to the most difficult.

To see all of the finished and remaining levels, go to the top left of the screen and click the button.

If you get stuck on a level, you can retry it or use the built-in suggestions. However, using these advice will cost you coins. After completing each level, you will receive coins.

Chess for Kids – Ch-essKid is a fun way for kids to learn and play ch-ess.

icon for children’s chess

This software was created with children in mind. It’s completely safe and free of advertisements, so parents and coaches don’t have to worry about their children’s safety. It was designed by ch-ess.com, just like the first app on our list, which is an indication of excellence.

Ch-ess for Kids comes with everything you’ll need to play and learn chess. Kids can play games with Al or compete online.

There are games that are sluggish and games that are rapid. It’s easy to spend an entire day thinking about the next move in a sluggish one! For a warm-up, there are over 1000 puzzles accessible. Of course, tutorials and instructional films can be used to boost a child’s grasp of the game.

The game is designed with younger players in mind. It’s simple and entertaining, and the kids will adore it! This is your greatest option if you are a responsible parent who wishes to educate a youngster to play ch-ess. Ch-ess clubs for children also utilize the app. Even if you’re an adult who likes the appearance of Ch-ess for Kids, why not give it a try?


Looking at the game of ch-ess from a new perspective is something unique and uncommon. This game will appeal to both professionals and novices. You can set the level of difficulty when you first start playing the game and learn how to master it.

Ch-ess Light is a puzzle-solving game in which the answers are ch-ess moves. It offers a clean and simple user interface that doesn’t detract from the main purpose of the game — playing ch-ess. Before you begin the game, you will be given instructions on how to use the program.

There aren’t many more features, but it’s a good chess program. It’s handy to have on your phone for situations like when you need to pass the time quickly and just want to go back to it. Furthermore, because it is a lightweight program, it will not cause any problems.

Dr. Wolf will teach you how to play chess.

15 Best Free Chess Apps for Android & iOS


Finally, we have an intriguing app with an odd name. You can probably anticipate that you have a tutor who will teach you how to play chess while also acting as your partner.

Creating a chess app like this is a fascinating option that, moreover, gives you the impression that you’re playing with someone.

The software is quite standard in terms of its user interface. Expect nothing out of the norm, and even then, the concept is unique.

You can only play ch-ess and learn how to play here. That may potentially be a big assistance for people who are just learning how to play chess and who learn better when someone explains the rules to them.

When you first begin studying, you will see all of the proper techniques and advantageous moves on the board. After that, you’ll begin practicing. The first three rounds that Dr. Wolf will play with you will be free. Unfortunately, you will have to purchase a monthly subscription to fully unlock the game.

Chess can be followed on Twitter.

If you’re looking for multi-functional chess game software, this is a good option. The key feature that sets this app apart from others is that you may watch other people play ch-ess or play ch-ess yourself, and you can do both at the same time.

A Watchlist is a feature that allows you to see all of the upcoming games and join them at the appropriate time. In this case, you’ll be notified whenever a new round begins or the scores are updated. You can simply tap on the board to launch the analysis board.

This app will be beneficial to both beginners and experts. Beginners can learn how to play by observing more experienced players, and pros can acquire new tactics and techniques by watching more experienced players.

Also, perhaps just watch games out of interest. The UI, like the game, is pretty simple, therefore it’s ideal to have this app to observe and practice while also having another chess game with a more complicated interface.

So so now you have it, a list of some of the top ch-ess game apps. You can improve your playing talents no matter where you are with their assistance.

What a fascinating epoch we live in! If you know of chess software that deserves to be on our list but isn’t, please let us know. We hope you many exciting and tough games in the future. Checkmate your opponents more often, and choose your apps wisely!.

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