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11 Free Cartoon Videos Maker Applications Available for iOS and Android Devices in 2022


11 Free Cartoon Videos Maker Applications Available for iOS and Android Devices in 2022

Since we were little, we have been expanding our imagination by coming up with a variety of tales. You are able to provide visuals in the form of drawings in addition to the typical narratives that you tell.

However, the most significant challenge they face is the impossibility of animating such a representation.

In such a scenario, specialized software will be able to assist you. In the past, they were only accessible on a personal computer, but today everyone who has a smartphone may produce a genuine cartoon using tools that are easy to understand and use.

Use one or more of these free applications to create cartoon videos on your iPhone or Android device. Put your thoughts into action, and everyone will be surprised by the masterpiece you create.

Using the greatest tools available, you can cartoonize your own image and see what it would look like if you were a cartoon character.


TweenCraft is one of the most straightforward and feature-packed 2D animation programs currently on the market. This application will disabuse you of the notion that sketching a cartoon or animation is a difficult procedure that calls for specialized abilities if you are under the impression that this is the case.

In addition to this, with order to make animations in TweenCraft, you are not even need to draw anything at all. The application is pre-configured with a variety of unique templates. You have complete control over the appearance of your characters while using them, and you don’t need to sketch anything by hand.

The same principle applies to each and every one of the other components in your animation. All of the backdrops, scenery and numerous items may also be chosen from among those that have already been developed and drawn in advance.

11 Free Cartoon Videos Maker Applications Available for iOS and Android Devices in 2022

After you have selected everything that is required, you will then be able to animate the actions of the characters. Because of the app, this is another task that is simple to do. You may give life to the motions of your arms and legs by using gestures in conjunction with those movements.

You are solely tasked with making a selection from the range of expressions that have already been programmed into the characters’ faces. The functionality of the app is not completed at this point. You have the option of using special effects in your animation; doing so will highlight the current moment and increase suspense.

You have the option of using the voice recorder to record your own speech or uploading ready-made sound effects when you utilize this feature. You may even submit your own pictures and gifs to the application if you just can’t get enough of the capabilities it offers. You may experiment with making your own animation right now at no cost.

Picsart Animator

The Picsart Animator app is one that you should pay close attention to if you want to be able to create animations directly on your mobile device. This software is designed to have the least amount of learning curve possible.

In addition to that, there are a great many useful features included into the application. To begin, you may put it to use to develop traditional animations. Create anything you desire by drawing with a wide variety of specialized tools.

This program provides a large variety of brushes, pencils, and other tools that may be used for effective drawing, making it a very versatile tool. You will then be able to construct a frame-by-frame animation of what you have, and you will have the ability to simply tweak and change any of the aspects based on the work that is now being performed.

The developers have designed an interface that is not only highly pleasing to the eye but also quite useful in order to make working with it more easy. All of the animation elements may be placed on different layers if you want to make it simpler to deal with each one individually.

In addition, the software has additional capabilities that may be used if your objectives are not as complex. You might, for instance, upload some of your own photographs and then use those photographs to create a simple animation in the style of a gif.

You may also use stickers that the creators have already prepared in advance and placed to the game. There is no cost associated with using any of the aforementioned capabilities at all. The app consistently gets millions of five-star ratings from users.

Free Movie Maker Software for Children

If you want to help your kid improve their creative abilities, the software Creative Movie Maker for Kids is an excellent choice. The creators have spared no effort in ensuring that it is now ready for use in the realm of animation and the production of cartoons, which means that you may now do so.

Everyone is now able to participate in this kind of creative endeavor since this software makes it possible. You don’t need any specialized abilities to do this task at all. Your kid will just need to come up with a tale for this activity. The remaining concerns are dealt with by the functioning of the application.

The thing to keep in mind is that the programmers behind the app have already loaded it with pre-made templates. In addition to the pre-drawn characters, there are a variety of other components. Including, but not limited to, the backdrop, the landscape, the locales, the items, and more.

In addition, the fundamental animations are developed ahead of time. Take, for instance, the manner in which the characters walk, as well as the most significant aspects of the emotions that appear on their faces. Your youngster will pick up the ability to create new tales and give life to those tales in this manner.

Using the program, you will be able to produce an animation that is engaging and captivating. After your kid has created a cartoon, it will be simple for them to show it to their friends and family. There is a feature that allows posting on social networks or downloading to the phone, which allows you to accomplish this goal.

Already, tens of hundreds of thousands of people have put their faith in our application. The comments that it mostly gets is favorable. Have some laughs with your young children or younger siblings by utilizing the Creative Movie Maker for Kids software program.

Tale of the Plotgon

Do you want to make your own animated films or cartoons, but you’re worried that it would be too difficult? Then let the smartphone app Plotagon Story to disprove your assumptions.

The programmers have designed it such that it is possible for users to construct comprehensive animations that take place in three dimensions. It comes with a lot of capabilities, and you can be sure that you will be able to properly execute your concept on the screen if you use it.

Having said that, the app has a characteristic that sets it apart. When it comes to making your own 3D animations, you won’t need to worry about modeling or drawing anything. The application already has everything that you need. You may personalize your own characters by utilizing templates that have already been created.

11 Free Cartoon Videos Maker Applications Available for iOS and Android Devices in 2022

In the same manner, you can also load whole scenes into memory. The majority of the actions, including gestures, facial expressions, and motions, have already been figured out by the developers. The only thing that is required of you is to write a script. After that, you may import it into the application, and it will automatically construct an animation that is complete.

In addition to that, you have the option of recording your own voice and using it to give the characters their own voices. Choose a variety of elements, like as sound effects and music, to add an extra layer of professionalism and intrigue to the final product. After that, you may make any necessary edits to what you have and then post the finished product to YouTube or another social networking site.

You may also choose to save the animation to your own device if you so choose. The application has already been used by millions of individuals, and feedback from those users consistently praises its intuitive design and simple use.

Stick Nodes

Stick Nodes is an application that may be used to create animations. Stickmen may be drawn, motion and effects can be added to the frame, and video clips can be exported in a variety of common formats. In addition, this website brings together a large community of animators and gives users the ability to trade clips.

The mobile application is able to maintain synchronization with its corresponding online platform. Allows for the generation of a variety of forms as well as the filling of those shapes. You have the ability to employ gradients and choose colors from a palette.

There is a wide variety of blurring effects that may be applied. Users have the ability to design their own glows and shadows. There is a very comprehensive list of noises that are used in the frame. Modify text boxes to create a realistic simulation of character interaction.

On the website that has the same name, the animation community uploads completed films and figures that they have developed. It is possible to upload videos and share them on YouTube.

Users have the ability to utilize free figures that may be downloaded from the site and included into their animations. There is a catalog that has over 30,000 ready-made components to choose from.


Stickman is an application that may be used to create animations. Using the provided utility, you are able to generate an animation with variable frame rates using pre-existing figures from the provided collection of drawn figures.

Within the application, each newly created animation is referred to as a project. You have the ability to give it a name, choose the canvas size, determine the number of frames that are produced each second, and select the backdrop. You may set the backdrop to one of the pictures stored on your smartphone.

There is a pre-installed gallery of several backdrops to choose from. The program allows users to remove, copy, and modify projects in their workspace.

The software includes a brush, an eraser, and a fill tool, which may be used to design frames for the next animation. On the color ruler, you have the option to choose the hue, brightness, and saturation of the stroke. There is a selection of brushes and erasers available in a variety of sizes. Besides, there are basic shapes available: circle, line, and square.

There are pre-made drawings available, some of which include a guy, a tiny man, a bird, a boat, the sun, a home, a campfire, and the sun. You have the ability to retry activities, scale photos, arrange one picture atop another, and cancel and repeat operations. Activate the grid whenever you are creating an image, and loop whenever you are animating.

The application comes with built-in tutorials that may be used to hone one’s cartooning skills. The lessons provide empty spaces for users to draw in. They need you to repeatedly go through the visual sequence frame by frame. The lessons are broken up into three different difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard.

Before beginning the process of drawing a cartoon on tracing paper, you may see how the finished product should look using the utility.

Create Your Own Cartoons 2

The Draw Cartoons 2 program allows users to create animations on a frame-by-frame basis. It enables you to sketch a character and give that figure movement. You also have the option of recording a voiceover and adding music as an overlay. The utility makes the process of generating cartoons approachable for those who have no prior experience.

Users have access to an in-built collection of characters and things to use in their creations. They are organized according to a variety of categories. Take, for instance, the stickmen, the farm, the dolls, the space, the dinosaurs, and other such topics.

You are able to make your own goods and characters, in addition to forming collections of each of those things. It is possible to make alterations to the characters’ appearances via the editing process. Move the figures around in the frame to a different position. Copy, paste, select and duplicate options are provided.

The movement from one frame to the next is accomplished with the assistance of symbols that are shaped like arrows. There is a button labeled Start that you may press to see the animation. It is possible to superimpose sound on the video by recording a voice over it or selecting music to play in the background. There are melodies that are pre-installed. You have the option of selecting audio files from the storage space available on your mobile device.

Alterations may be made to the backdrop. You have the option of drawing it yourself or choosing an image from the collection. There is the possibility of filling with color. You may control the pace of the characters in the frame as well as the angle of the camera.

Projects that are completed may be kept in the memory of the smartphone and exported in either the MP4 or GIF format.

Animation Desk

The Animation Desk software is intended for use in the creation of animations on a frame-by-frame basis. You will be able to create storyboards and drawings with its help. It is created for animators, both experienced ones and those just starting out.

The primary screen of the application provides an overview of its primary functions. Recent projects that the user has made are presented in this section. Swiping to the right will take you to the page where you may create animations.

It is possible to build a storyboard by creating thumbnails and putting them together. There is a chronology, and one may go through it in many ways.

You are able to manipulate layers with this program. There are tools available for copying and pasting different parts. By zooming in and out of the picture, you may alter the proportions of the image. It is possible to rotate the scene.

The animators have access to a wide array of brushes, pens, and erasers, all of which they may use to create the drawing. There are color palettes already installed, as well as a pipette and a fill tool.

Animations that have been completed may be exported as MP4 video files after being stored in the memory of mobile devices. The GIF and PDF file formats are supported at dimensions ranging from 640 to 480 pixels. It is possible to export PNG pictures in a frame-by-frame manner.

Animate without cost!

The Animate free! software allows users to generate animated films in a three-dimensional format. The application provides capabilities for motion simulation as well as character templates, skins, objects, and more.

The application has a variety of pre-made anthropomorphic characters to choose from. There are humans, bunnies, master Yoda, monkeys, robots, small men, and a variety of other beings among them.

You also have the option of equipping them with other things, such as swords, hammers, hooks, shields, musical instruments, and sporting goods. There is a collection of items that may be used for the setting, including tourniquets, inscriptions, an imitation chromakey, a Christmas tree, and a trunk.

Within the application, additional skins may be selected for each of the playable characters. There is a category labeled “Hats,” in which various kinds of headwear, such as a sombrero, crown, jester’s hat, Santa Claus hat, cap, halo, and horns, are available for purchase. It is important to keep in mind that while the aesthetic solution is in the manner of pixel graphics, all of the items and characters are really built in a 3D format.

11 Free Cartoon Videos Maker Applications Available for iOS and Android Devices in 2022

The animation has room for a maximum of four characters, who may all be unique or all be the same. Make adjustments to the zooming items and the location of the camera. Cubes may be used to construct environments using the features provided.

The program is capable of generating up to 32 separate scenes for a single video. There is an option for repetitions and gaps to be specified. You have the ability to edit sequences, duplicate them, mirror them, and reset them. A “ghost” function is included in the utility. You have the option of selecting the previous stance of the cartoon character or the next position.

The Toonastic 3D

The program known as Toontastic 3D allows users to create animations in a three-dimensional space. The application provides a selection of pre-made locations and character templates that may be modified and given your own voice.

It is necessary for you to provide the application access to your media files, camera, microphone, and contacts in order for it to function properly. Following this step, the utility will be in a position to accurately store data.

The application provides both simple and in-depth means of generating cartoon characters. The first one consists only of making different expressions on one’s face, but the second one also includes the capacity to move one’s arms and legs.

Within the app, you have the option of writing a traditional, brief, or scientifically based tale. They are able to construct the scenario using any of two different templates. The three-part version includes an introduction, the peak of the action, and the resolution of the conflict. The five-act structure includes varying degrees of suspense and exposition, both of which are dependent on the kind of tale being told.

The utility provides a number of choices for pre-made character surroundings as well as a selection of pre-defined characters. You have the ability to rename the character as well as modify the color of their skin, clothes, hair, and accessories.

The application enables character voiceover to be performed using the microphone on your smartphone. The animated figures may be moved in any direction around the three-dimensional setting.


The FlipaClip software has a built-in editor for the creation of animations on a frame-by-frame basis. Users have the ability to create and animate using a wide variety of imaginative concepts.

To use the app’s fundamental functions, you will not be required to sign up for an account or go through any kind of permission procedure. All that is required of you is to state your age and then consent to both the privacy policy and the terms of service.

Following that, you will be given the opportunity to see a brief film that provides an overview of the app. Having said that, one may choose to skip the video. After that, users are instantly able to begin sketching or animating what they have created.

You may create animation one frame at a time with the help of a number of different tools that are included in the built-in editor. The use of a pen, a fill, and an eraser are all viable options. Users have the ability to copy and paste any components from one frame into another.

In addition, it is possible to add text and flip the picture to whichever side you like. You can even rotate the image. Additionally, a number of other music files and image files may be included into the animation if you so like. There is a different tool for interacting with the layers that are already present in each frame.

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