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Best virtual tattoo photo apps for Android & iOS


11 Best virtual tattoo photo apps for Android & iOS

A tattoo is more than just a plain body image. It can have a subtle hidden message or just be a lovely painting or something unforgettable.

With the aid of contemporary technology, it is possible to plan out a design in advance, create the actual drawing, add typefaces, details, and revisions, and even… place the drawing on a body!

But not in actuality. Yes, for a few minutes or hours, you won’t be able to decide what to do with the drawing that will constantly be on your body.

11 Best virtual tattoo photo apps for Android & iOS

Rash tattoos can cause individuals discomfort and embarrassment. Maybe you made the choice while you were too emotional, or maybe you just didn’t think about how the tattoo will appear on your body.

Simple smartphone applications now allow you to see how your new picture will really appear. Perhaps it doesn’t appear as lovely as it did in your dreams, but this alternative is particularly good for those who are sensitive to discomfort. To assist you in making the best decision, we’ve compiled a list of 11 virtual tattoo applications.



With the help of the software INKHUNTER, you may virtually obtain tat-toos and see how they will appear.

Do you desire tat-toos but worry that the location or size may not be right? This program is appropriate for you. In actuality, it is already clear what size and location the photograph should be placed.

In addition to all of this, you’ll use your imagination to enhance the image by choosing the right pictures from the collection and adding anything to your tattoo. Here, editors may be used to make the tat-too that was imagined more fascinating in the app before it is imposed.

The software will assist with attractive design and provide outstanding results. Since they already know what they will apply to their skin, users are thrilled with the app. As a consequence, the outcome in the future will influence your choice.

INKHUNTER screen 1 INKHUNTER screen 2

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Tattoo You – Add tat-toos to your photos

tattoo you

You can expect no discomfort and a wide range of images from Tattoo You. By adding minor drawings and doodles on your body, you may transform even the most commonplace and unexceptional photographs into true works of art.

Think about the shock your friends might feel if they saw a tat-too on your shoulder or other prominent location on Instagram. With only a few screen clicks, you can give your shot a little spice.

It is important to note that Tattoo You does not include any advertisements or other obtrusive banners. Depending on how fast you can make a decision, editing the whole image takes a few minutes.

The library offers customers access to more than 300 distinctive drawings. Only 22 of them are free; the others must be purchased from Tat-too You. You can locate the information you want to view fast thanks to the user-friendly layout. You can see anything you’ve done in the past on the app.

Tattoo You screen 1 Tattoo You screen 2


Tattoo – virtual ink creator

Tattoo - virtual ink creator logo

Although not the most well-known, tattoo – virtual ink creation is a useful tool for all artists. You won’t need to put in a lot of work to get outstanding outcomes.

The application’s UI is so straightforward that selecting your favorite drawing will be the only challenge. Along with the most well-known subjects (flowers or animals), there are some very fascinating subtleties.

Both colorful and black-and-white tat-toos are available in Tattoo – Virtual Ink Creator. It’s just as simple to apply them to your body; just upload your own picture to the program and begin customizing.

It is important to note that the functionality of the program also includes the fundamental editing tools. You will have the option of moving the place and eliminating extraneous aspects that don’t match in with your physique. Change the tat-toos whatever you like; you are completely free to do so.

Tattoo - virtual ink creator screen 1 Tattoo - virtual ink creator screen 2

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Tattoo my Photo 2.0

Tattoo my Photo logo

You may see how the ta-ttoo you want will appear on your body by using the Tattoo my Photo app. The tat-too may be edited to adjust its color and size.

The utility comes with a big design library. Your own tat-toos may be made and stored in the catalog. You may choose one of the various tat-toos to apply on the image after starting the program. There is support for a keyword search feature for images.

Additionally, every design is categorized by subject. Make a tattoo of your own. You must choose one picture from the gallery to do this. If necessary, crop the image and add a signature. The catalog also includes samples of completed works.

The app’s primary purpose is to add a tat-too on your picture. You may take a photo using your phone’s camera or upload one already taken. The picture editor will then launch. Select the tattoo’s size, color, and location on the body. You may modify the utility’s brightness and transparency settings.

Once the procedure is finished, you may save the tat-tooed image and send it to your pals. Send the picture over WhatsApp, then share it on social media.

Tattoo my Photo screen 1 Tattoo my Photo screen 2

googleplay appstore

Tattoo My Photo Editor & Ideas

Tattoo My Photo Editor & Ideas logo

There is a perception that men and women have different tat-toos. In actuality, this separation may be seen in the catalog of drawings while visiting tattoo parlors.

Since customers create the catalog, this section usually takes into account their preferences. Both male and female tat-toos are instantly visible in Tattoo My Photo. You may immediately try on a favorite drawing of your physique and yourself.

You may ta-ttoo as many images as you like in one photo with Tat-too My Photo. You may even determine, for instance, how many drawings can fit on a single hand. If you don’t already have the ideal image, you can quickly snap one in Tat-too My Photo and begin editing.

It takes time to choose the finest thumbnail from the many categories since they are all extremely lovely. By merging lines or placing one drawing on top of another, you may mix many sketches together. In general, your smartphone comes with a virtual tattoo artist.

Tattoo My Photo Editor & Ideas logo screen 1 Tattoo My Photo Editor & Ideas logo screen 2



Photolift logo

Your photographs may be edited using the Photolift app. It offers the chance to “try on” several fashions. Add clothing, tattoos, and accessories to your images before posting them online.

It offers a simple user interface and a ton of functions. You may alter your images with this application, which also provides style ideas.

You may use it to discover your own special and distinctive style of expressing yourself. This is accomplished by “trying on” various body art, hairdos, eyewear, headgear, and fashion accessories.

The ability to modify the body in a shot is another feature of the software. You may use our service to repair your picture if you didn’t have time to prepare for a photo session or if you notice any defects in it.

Photolift screen 1 Photolift screen 2

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Tattoo Designs

tattoo designs

Every tat-too need to have a unique inspiration and backstory. Tattoo artists spend a lot of time and combine several components to make each drawing.

When someone decides to get a tat-too, they often take the time to choose the best and most suitable design. But how can you tell what you like if this is your first time? The Tat-too Designs app will be useful in such situation.

Here, you may see a selection of distinct tattoo designs that have been gathered from hundreds of expert tat-too artists across the globe. All of them are categorized and tagged with keywords, such as “pirate tat-toos,” “devil tat-toos,” “dream catchers,” and “mandalas.”

Additionally, you may search local tat-too parlors to complete your preferred drawing. Run Tattoo Designs on your smartphone to begin perusing the drawings instead of spending hours perusing them at a tat-too parlor.

tattoo designs1 tattoo designs2


Virtual Tattoo Maker – Ink Art

Virtual Tattoo Maker - Ink Art logo

You’re entirely correct if you assume you’ve seen an application with this name previously. Both of these utilities have the same name and focus on tattoos.

Despite the fact that they have a similar theme and name, it is still important to remember that these are two entirely distinct services from separate creators. Your own personal tat-too design studio, Virtual Tat-too Maker allows you to apply any artwork to your body without experiencing any pain or aftereffects.

You may simulate realistic tattoos on your body with the Virtual Tat-too Maker to see how they will appear. You may snap a photo of your body (or a portion of it) within the app in addition to uploading a picture of it.

You may begin editing by dragging and dropping tat-toos from the collection onto your body. Change the typeface, the image’s size, and overall, just play it how you like. Get your friends’ feedback on the outcome and your improvements by sharing the result with them.

Virtual Tattoo Maker - Ink Art screen 1 Virtual Tattoo Maker - Ink Art logo




Numerous tat-too artists and lovers may be found in several apps. Tattoodo is just that; here, you’ll discover not only individuals who share your interests but also artists, masters, and reputable businesses.

You may display your paintings to the world and get inspiration from other people’s artwork and gorgeous tat-toos. Simply show off your tattoos to the neighborhood, and people will respect you as well.

You may compile a comprehensive library of tat-too styles that you like or want to get in Tat-toodo. The most skilled artists can assist you in bringing a concept to life or in fusing several aspects.

Tattoodo is the ideal spot to do so if you’re wanting to attract new clients or viewers. You may join the more than 20 million people who use the app each month for inspiration and conversation.

tattoodo1 tattoodo2


Body Editor

Body Editor logo

You may edit your images’ figures with the Body Editor app. The tool includes a vast array of features that let you adjust the body in the image.

You may use the camera to shoot a photo or upload an image from the gallery for modification.

You may also alter your hairdo with this tool. Red, pink, blue, brown, redhead, and other colors are available as options.

It is possible for males to have their beard and mustache shaped differently. You may use the picture editor to see how the tattoo you want will appear on your body. For such, the app contains a vast library of sketches and drawings.

You may build a collection of images with this tool, then share them on social media. Additionally, you may embellish the image with a sticker or your signature.

Body Editor screen 1 Body Editor screen 2


Tattoo Design -Body Art Editor

Tattoo Design -Body Art Editor logo

You may not always receive the drawing you desire when you pick it. You’re still not happy with the drawing because of the body’s relief or other issues.

But the tattoo must be endured for the rest of your life! We advise that you attempt tat-tooing in Tat-too Design first to avoid this from occuring. This tool will assist you in adding a virtual tattoo that looks very genuine to your shot.

Similar to this, you may deceive your pals by emailing them a photo of you with an outrageous tat-too. You get to choose the image; it might be a vibrant rainbow tat-too or a traditional black totem.

Tattoo Design enables you add text in many fonts to each of them. You are free to alter the picture whatever you want and as you see fit. If you choose, you may present the final image to your tat-too artist, who will be able to determine precisely what outcome you want.

tattoo design body art editor1 tattoo design body art editor2


Now you can nearly completely cover your body with artwork without having to spend a significant portion of your life getting tattoos. Your smartphone, a little fantasy, and an interest in your body are all you need.

You will acknowledge that your parents or friends won’t judge you for getting a virtual tat-too or have any misunderstandings about it. It is important to attempt at least one of the apps before you begin to make a drawing and reflect your hobbies and body paint experiences.

Fans of tattoo art will also like them since you can quickly locate fresh concepts and drawings.

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