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8 Best Female to Male Voice Changer Apps for Android & iOS

8 Best Female to Male Voice Changer Apps for Android & iOS

Have you ever wondered what your voice would be like if you were the opposing gender and how it would sound? Then keep going through the rest of this post!

There are a plethora of female-to-male voice changer apps available for both Android and iOS devices, and using one of these applications may make your normal speaking voice seem entirely different. These applications offer a wider range of vocal types than only those of men and women, and they are excellent tools for playing jokes on your friends.

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The following is a list of the top 8 applications in that category that are worth your time and attention. Have a peek!

Modifier of the voice that includes affects

An application known as “Voice Changer” is one that may reverb your voice in a variety of distinct ways.

This program allows you to change the gender of your voice as well as mimic a wide variety of other people’s speaking styles. There are already more than fifty different voices available for you to experiment with, and more are being added on a regular basis.

Therefore, you may experiment with the voice of the murderer, the voice of a terrifying youngster, the voice of a hilarious person, or even the voice of a cartoon character. In the event that it is necessary to do so, you may sort the styles according to themes such as frightening or attractive ones.

In addition to that, the application may either reverb your voice in real time or do it with already recorded files. Because it is also capable of altering your voice while you are on a phone conversation, this application is fantastic for playing practical pranks on your friends. You are free to experiment with a variety of methods during the conversation and even add comedic touches, such as kisses or claps, to it.

Additionally, the software allows you to record the tracks inside itself, apply reverb to your voice, and export the results as separate files. The application is also capable of converting your text into audio and pronouncing it in a variety of ways. In addition, you may include sounds like rain or a fireplace in your recording, and there is a massive collection of such sounds as well.

This program has the potential to be the greatest female-to-male voice changer available for Android smartphones, according to reviews on Google Play.


The following application is known as Snapchat, and it is a video messaging service that is quite well-known.

To tell you the truth, the vast majority of individuals have used Snapchat at some point in their life, and the vast majority of them continue to have it installed on their mobile devices. This program is well-known for its extensive libraries of masks and effects that can be applied to still images and moving video. In addition, its count is always increasing, and it continues to be a trend-setter among those who like taking selfies.

When it comes to the voice reverberation, this program offers the tried-and-true method of using masks. Therefore, all you have to do is locate the masks that can change your gender and then make a video while you are wearing them. It need to be made clear that the program contains a great number of masks of this kind, some of which are incapable of reverberating your voice.

When you have located the mask, you may save it to your favorites so that you do not waste time looking for it in the future. You may also keep the videos you capture on your mobile device, and you can set it to automatically share them on other social networking platforms.

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In addition to this, the application provides a wide variety of additional masks that may alter the sound of your voice. There are some that will make you laugh, others that will make you jump, and some that will make you sound like a cartoon character.

Voice Changer Plus

Changing the way you speak may be accomplished with the help of the software Voice Changer Plus.

The voices of a guy and a woman are only two of the many that are included in this app’s extensive collection of different speaking styles. There are hundreds of humorous and disturbing styles, as well as the voices of well-known characters from animation and film.

With this functionality, the app is able to record either pre-recorded files or live conversations. It has the ability to reverberate your voice while you are on the phone, which is perfect for those who like playing jokes. You may change voices in the middle of a conversation and apply a variety of effects to it. These effects may include sounds such as kisses, claps, barking, and other similar noises.

In addition to that, the program may give your singing a reverb effect. It’s possible that the first time you attempt it, it won’t function exactly, but it will eventually. You might also include some ambient sounds in the background, such as traffic or a music event. Additionally, you have the ability to change the loudness of these sounds.

You will have easy access to saving and sharing any and all of the audio you capture. After the audio has been completed, you will have the option to cut it down or play it in reverse. In addition to that, you may apply effects to it and alter the tones. There are advertisements inside the app, but they may be removed for a one-time payment.

This software has the potential to be the greatest female-to-male voice changer available for iOS devices, according to reviews on the App Store.

Voice Modifier Software: RoboVox

RoboVox is an app that, among other things, allows you to change the gender of your voice. This software has a big selection of different styles that you may experiment with, ranging from the most fundamental men’s and women’s looks to the most intricate ones. Therefore, there are packs of terrifying and wicked voices, hilarious voices, and even voices that make you sound like a robot. All of these voices may be downloaded for free.

The program makes excellent use of vocoder technology and is capable of accurately detecting your voice. The application is capable of working with live speech as well as reverbing previously recorded audios. In addition to that, it may alter your voice while you are on the phone. You also have the ability to add effects to your audio, such as claps or barking.

8 Best Female to Male Voice Changer Apps for Android & iOS

You are able to store and share all of the files that you record using this tool. Yo u may also cut them down and adjust the pitch of your voice if any of them are necessary. Additionally, yo u have the ability to add additional sounds that mimic your surroundings. There is the sound of the subway, the sound of the rain, the sound of the traffic, and many more sounds.

The software also has an option called “parrot” that will repeat what you say a few of seconds after you say it. You have the option to choose the vocal type of the parrot, and you can even add sounds to the recording.

Voice Changer

VoiceChanger is able to change the way your voice sounds when it is played back on audio.

The application is incredibly simple to use, and it provides a variety of different voices for you to experiment with. There are voices of robots, voices of people of different sexes, voices of children, and many more voices. There are also some humorous and some frightening varieties of vocal patterns. In addition, there are a variety of other melancholy voice types, such as seductive, inebriated, worried, and many more.

You have the option of either recording a voice and then adding effects to it, or doing the same thing with files that have already been recorded. The files may all be readily saved or shared with others. Additionally, you have the ability to save it on the app till you need it.

After the audio has been captured and the voice has been altered, you will be able to add some flavor to it. Therefore, you could want to experiment with various voiceover noises such as nightclub imitations, woodland noises, road sounds, and so on. You might also add some individual short noises such as claps, kisses, and other similar sounds.

It goes without saying that the software is capable of accurately identifying both whole sentences and individual words spoken. In addition to this, the sound quality is maintained at a high level even after the adjustment has been made.

Modifier of the Voice, Recorder of Sounds

Sound Recorder, Voice Changer, and Sound Recorder are all names for the same program, which allows you to fool your friends by changing the way you sound by recording and playing back your own voice. This program gives you the ability to reflect already-created files as well as record new ones. You may alter the sound of your speech by using a variety of voice styles, which is made possible with this tool.

You have the ability to change the tone of your voice so that it sounds like a kid, an adult, someone of the opposite gender, or even a cartoon animal. There are also certain voices that are gloomy, such as the ones that are apprehensive or malicious. After the recording has been finished, you will be able to apply additional effects to it. For instance, you have the ability to add specific notes such as claps, laughter, gasps, and whispers, among other things.

You might also experiment with some voiceover noises that replicate the sounds of your environment. Rain, traffic, a concert, the fireplace, and other things may fall under this category of sounds. You have the ability to control how loud the sounds are by using your will. You also have the option of trimming your audio and adjusting its transparency.

Aside from that, the software does not degrade the sound quality in any way once alterations have been made, so there is no need to be concerned about that. You have the option of saving the audio or sharing it with anybody you want.

Super Voice Editor

And as a last note, there’s an app for modifying your voice called Super Voice Editor, which you and your friends may use to make jokes.

You may experiment with a wide variety of different speech styles with the help of this software. There are voices of both male and female characters, cartoon styles, villainous styles, and even heroic styles. There are additional techniques that may make you sound either younger or older depending on how you use them. In addition, there are a few varieties of voices that convey different emotions, such as apprehensive, unhappy, furious, and so on.

With this, the application will be able to alter the files that you have previously created as well as create new ones. When the audio is finished being processed, you will have the option to speed it up, adjust the opacity, and delete any voices that you do not like. In addition to that, you are able to create ringtones from your files and distribute them in any way you see fit.

8 Best Female to Male Voice Changer Apps for Android & iOS

The software also covers the shorter noises that may be added to your tracks to give them a little more of a kick. Claps, whispers, and chuckles are all acceptable forms. In addition, there are certain noises that mimic the sounds that are occurring around you, such as rain, traffic, a train, and other similar sounds. In addition, the quality of your audios will not be diminished by the use of voice changes, so there is no need to be concerned about that.

MagicCall is an app that changes your voice.

You have the ability to change the way that your voice sounds by using the MagicCall app.Voice Changer

This app’s capabilities extend well beyond its ability to convert a female voice to a masculine one. The mobile application comes with a variety of different voices that you may test out. As a result, there are voices of youngsters, including some amusing ones, and even the styles of characters from cartoons.

You may also reverb your voice live, while you are speaking, or you can do it using files that have already been recorded. In addition to that, the software is capable of altering your voice while you are on a phone conversation, making it a great tool to use if you want to make fun of your friends. You may even change your voice while you’re talking to further confuse the people you’re trying to prank.

In addition to that, the software walks you through the process of adding a variety of different accents to your voice. These noises may be claps, kisses, screams, or anything else you can think of. In addition to that, the accents do not impede your speech in any way, which makes it seem more natural. You also have the option of providing your friends with the referral link for the program that provides you with scratch cards from which you may win prizes.

In addition, you have the option of experimenting with various intonations, such as a seductive voice, perplexed vice, and so on. In addition, there are packs of background noises that replicate a variety of sounds, such as the rain, the subway, traffic noises, and more. You may also try making the sound that shouts “happy birthday!

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