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11 of the Best monster Games in Which You Play the Bad Guy (Android & iOS)


11 of the Best monster Games in Which You Play the Bad Guy (Android & iOS) Everyone is used to the idea that ultimately, the forces of good would prevail against those of evil.

However, if everything were to alter, what would take place then? What will occur in the event that evil triumphs and those who want to do harm come to control the globe?

Because of this, and in an effort to break away from the norm, we have compiled a list of the greatest mobile games in which you play the role of the antagonist.

Do you like hearing stories about evil people and terrifying events? Then we have something quite unique in store for you, and that is the applications filled with terrifying tales.

MAFIA CITY is also known as BLACK LAGOON.

This is a fantastic mobile online game that focuses on strategy and brings together gamers from all around the globe.

You have the option of moving forward as part of a group or by yourself, however, one of the most important phrases from the game is that “one individual will never be a successful mafia.” A gang is what the mafia is. Because of this, you should invite your friends, form groups, and battle against other clans.

Every participant assumes a predetermined persona and is responsible for a set of predetermined actions inside the game.

As a result, there are six different parts to play in the game:

11 of the Best monster Games in Which You Play the Bad Guy (Android & iOS) Everyone is used to the idea that ultimately, the forces of good would prevail against those of evil.




thugs (bulls)

shooters with a lot of experience


You will be able to form an unbeatable gang if you consolidate all of the roles into a single grouping. And it is entirely up to you to decide what part you will play.

You will get thoroughly immersed in the culture of mafia organizations as you play “MAFIA CITY BLACK LAGOON.” Form clans with other players, engage in battle, steal, pillage, and other illegal activities to amass power and take control of both the criminal underworld and the general populace. It is entirely up to you to decide what position you will play in the game.

The main drawback of “MAFIA CITY BLACK LAGOON” is that it can only be played by those above the age of 16, since the game contains mature content such as hardcore, drinking alcohol, and smoking.

But if you want to be more successful than other players and reach to the top quicker than anyone else, then you may buy a paid package of services inside the game that will help you progress faster and level up your character. This will allow you to become more successful than other players.

Gather your associates, form criminal gangs, compete, and rise to the top of the mafia and criminal worlds to claim your rightful place as monarchs. Keep in mind that having good friends makes you far more powerful than being alone.

Mobile application for Dead by DayLight

This is a cooperative first-person shooter that was inspired by a number of well-known horror films. The game has some fascinating and distinctive visuals, and the rules are easy to understand.

You need to make a choice between playing the role of the hunter or the role of the victim in this scenario. The first side of the coin depicts a single hunter. His objective is to track down and eliminate all four gamers who are now playing the role of survivors.

The task at hand for the victim is to ensure his own life by eliminating his attacker. The only way for the victims to prevail against the hunter is for them to pool all of their resources and work together.

It is necessary for you to choose a place in which you want to hunt or otherwise survive. The game takes place in a variety of environments, each of which has a distinct aesthetic and feels appropriately eerie.

Because, as we have previously said, the game is based on horror movies, you will be able to choose the appropriate skin for the hunter, allowing you to experience the game as if you were the protagonist of one of your favorite scary movies.

The game has a wide variety of iconic skins, including Michael Myers and Amanda Young from the film “Saw,” Pyramid Head and Ghost Face from the film “Silent Hill,” and many more.

Survivors also have the option of choosing a persona from one of a wide variety of well-known horror movies. You get the opportunity to assume the role of Laurie Strode from “Halloween,” Bill Overbeck from “Left for Dead,” David Tapp from “Saw,” as well as Steve and Cheryl Mason from “Silent Hill” in this game.

Invite your friends, form a coalition, devise strategies, fight to the death or just enjoy the game. Your decision determines whether you will play the antagonist in one of the most well-known movies or find yourself in the role of the victim.

11 of the Best monster Games in Which You Play the Bad Guy (Android & iOS) Everyone is used to the idea that ultimately, the forces of good would prevail against those of evil.

The Hunt for Horror

This game is quite similar to “Dead by DayLight mobile,” and it is meant for a group of five people to compete against one another (one monster and four hunters).

In this game, you take on the role of an evil extraterrestrial monster with the goal of wiping off every living thing on Earth and obliterating the whole planet.

The rules are the same in every way: you decide which side you want to play for and then you have to eliminate your opponents.

The aesthetics are the only thing that has been changed, and the hunters still follow the same road to success. In order for the hunters to prevail, they will need to break the totems that provide the monster with its power. The objective of the monster is to kill the hunters and keep the totems from being damaged in the process.

It is important to note that the game has just recently been released and that at this time the only version of the game that can be downloaded is a trial version. However, even the trial version of the program was a hit with users, and it continues to provide content that is often updated.

Pick a side to fight for, get the whole gang together, and have a good time while you’re at it while playing a game with a story that twists and turns in unexpected ways. You alone will decide who emerges victorious from this conflict.

I am Monster

The video game “I am Monster” is a simulator in which the player assumes the role of a large, mad lizard monster in a large, unfamiliar, and colorful metropolis. Your primary objective is to carry out a comprehensive genocide while simultaneously destroying anything that stands in your way.

You will need to complete objectives in order to level up and enhance your enormous monster lizard, unlock new areas since you will need more room to destroy things, and just destroy everything in your immediate environment to create mayhem.

In the simulation game “I am a monster,” your goals are to bring about the end of the world and a widespread genocide of all living things, to become the craziest and most powerful monster in the entire world, and to place among the top players in the game’s leaderboard.

You’ll get to wreak havoc in a world that’s both lovely and realistic thanks to the animation, which is both funny and vibrant. You will have a good time playing the game since it will make you feel like the evilest person in the city and the most destructive lizard monster. The video game does not include any graphic depictions of violence, making it appropriate for both adults and children to play.

World of the Hungry Shark

In Hungry Shark World, you take on the role of a shark that is ravenous for blood. Begin with a juvenile shark that is defenseless and terrified of everything in order to live, then see it develop into a massive megalodon that is unafraid of anything and strikes terror into the hearts of all living things on the earth.

Destroy and consume anything that stands in your way, from the tiniest fish and most flightless birds to the gaping humans on the coast.

Destroy all of the ships, boats, and stations that are in the area surrounding you, including any catamarans. Be wary, though, since the depths of the ocean may include mines and other explosive weapons.

You have the option of playing as any one of thirty-eight different kinds of sharks and selecting any one of eight different sizes, ranging from the most nimble and elusive to the biggest and most powerful.

Discover new territories and hunt “tasty” victims in new areas that you may find by exploring new locales. At this time in the game, you have the option of beginning from any one of these four primary locations: the Arabian Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, or the South China Sea.

11 of the Best monster Games in Which You Play the Bad Guy (Android & iOS) Everyone is used to the idea that ultimately, the forces of good would prevail against those of evil.

On the other hand, when playing the game, your goals are not just to cause mayhem and devastation but also to stay alive. After all, the ocean is the most hazardous environment, since it has a variety of threats that even sharks must contend with, such as balconies, sea mines, and marine organisms that are bigger than you.

The greater one’s size, the less susceptible to harm they are to potential threats. You may boost your level by completing a variety of activities. In addition, fluid animation and outstanding 3D visuals will ensure that you are not bored during the experience.

However, if you wish to play with your friends, you won’t be able to do so in this game since it does not support multiplayer. Because the game is designed for a single player and because it can be played without an online connection when played offline. In spite of this, you will have a good time passing the time by participating in this engaging activity.

Theft and Plunder

This is another simulation game that will put you in a world where there is a lot of stealing and partying going on. The primary objective of this game is for you to commit theft and break into luxurious homes, flats, and stores.

Take whatever you can get your hands on while you’re traveling, including valuables, pricey appliances and electrical equipment, jewelry, money, and even trendy branded clothing or furnishings.

You can go about more quickly and cover your tracks by stealing costly and cool automobiles, or you can get away from the security guards and police by doing either. Keep in mind that the more thefts you commit, the wealthier you will become.

Completing chores, gaining levels, increasing your wealth, and purchasing a variety of items will allow you to enter the residence more quickly and cover your tracks better. Make use of a glass cutter, a drone, and a crowbar.

Get to the very end of the game and establish yourself as the most skilled thief in the whole globe.

Perform your duties discreetly and covertly, but be prepared to flee and conceal yourself if you are discovered by the authorities or security personnel. You need to make yourself unnoticeable.

Your game will be intriguing and thrilling thanks to the inclusion of 3D visuals as well as many options and strategies for hacking and stealing.

You play the role of a true villain and criminal in Steal ‘N Loot, one who is terrified and is attempting to capture the whole city.

The fact that it has a quick tempo is the only drawback to playing this game. According to the majority of players, “the whole game can be finished in a couple of hours.”

Dark Lord: King simulator

“Dark Lord: King simulator” is a role-playing game in which you play the role of the dark lord of the whole planet, who has just awoken after having been asleep for a very long time.

This game is a simulation of strategy, and it also includes elements of card games. You play the role of true evil and the ruler of the dark kingdoms in the simulator game “Dark Lord: King.” Your primary objective is to fight against what is good and to bring an aura of evil to the whole globe.

You are solely responsible for determining how the story unfolds in this game since the storyline is entirely dependent on the choices and actions you do. To put the power of the whole globe in your own hands, you are going to need a solid plan.

You may give your slaves directions, and then watch as they transform the globe into a sinister domain. Make the decision, and throw the whole cosmos into anarchy and darkness.

Because you are the embodiment of the malevolent force in this universe, each and every one of your deeds and commands will inevitably result in horrific repercussions, many of which will work out in your benefit.

You’ll also find that the game’s odd premise and the artist’s drawing contribute to the whole experience. It is entirely up to you to decide what sort of a ruler you will be and what type of universe you will construct for yourself.

Evil Defenders

“Evil Defenders” is an incredible game in which you have to safeguard the forces of evil and eliminate your foes who try to interfere with your plans. In “Evil Defenders,” you have to protect the forces of evil and destroy your enemies.

The Tower Defense video game challenges you to defend your wicked lands by constructing and upgrading a variety of fortifications and towers, as well as cost structures in your domain.

The game features more than ninety levels, and every player will advance through them in their own unique fashion and using their own strategies.

Pick one of the five locations where you want to play and where you want to create your evil empire and battle against good. This will be your starting location. Determine how great an evil ruler you can become by selecting one of the game’s six difficulty levels and playing to that level.

Accumulate gaming accomplishments and work your way to the top of the online game ranking. Your game will be more enjoyable and satisfying as a result of its gorgeous colorful visuals, silky smooth high-quality animation, and comprehensive gameplay.

Gather your allies, engage in friendly competition or mutual assistance, and contend for the top spot in the overall standings while defending the dark side and preventing the triumph of the light.

Tap Tap Evil Mastermind

You will become a true criminal while playing “Tap Tap Evil Mastermind,” a game that will immerse you entirely in the underworld. The moment you fire up this incredible game for the very first time, you are immediately recruited into a nefarious organization and given a series of objectives and chores that you are obligated to accomplish.

Begin the process of developing your villainous faction from the very beginning: increase the size of your office and gang, and relocate it to a location that no one will ever be able to find.

Collect and improve the strength of your minions within a faction. Every one of them has a unique set of skills and potential. They have the potential to bring in some money for the criminal organization that you run.

You also have the authority to eject a member of your staff from the company if they are a source of irritation for you. You should also attack other hostile empires in order to enhance your reputation and get more wealth; but, you should not forget to protect your own empire.

Completing jobs, selling items on the black market, and making a profit will all contribute to your overall score. Grow and improve your office, populate it with minions, and you will ascend to the position of most powerful faction in the world.

The pixelated visuals and jagged motion in the game are the only aspects of it that players can find distracting or unappealing.

The Requiem for the Lord of Darkness

11 of the Best monster Games in Which You Play the Bad Guy (Android & iOS) Everyone is used to the idea that ultimately, the forces of good would prevail against those of evil.

You play the role of the primary antagonist for the whole of “Requiem of the Dark Lord,” a visual novel in which you play the game. You are the only one who can control your destiny, and the path that leads to any one of the twelve possible conclusions is entirely up to you.

Build your own universe and subjugate all the inhabitants to your will. You, on the other hand, are going to have to take a side.

Your attention will be kept and you will be able to have fun thanks to the game’s amazing aesthetics, graphics, revealing secondary characters, and engaging, thrilling tale.

Depending on how far you go in the game, it might take anywhere from six to eight hours. Although you have to pay to play the game, the accompanying application will make the experience more enjoyable.

However, if you have completed “Requiem of the Dark Lord” and either did not enjoy the ending or do not wish to bring this incredible game to a close, you have the option to play through the story once more and produce a different conclusion. After all, the conclusion is solely determined by the actions you take.

Idle Clicker Dedicated to Evil

Just think that you are the ruler of hell and all sinners are under your power, and devils and other bad work for you and obey you.

An unusual game called “Idle Evil Clicker” will allow you to do the most villainous deeds because in this game you are the lord of the underworld.

Hire demons to work, arrange torture and collect the souls of the most hellish inhabitants of hell.

Buy new punishments and torture chambers. They will help you expand the factory of human sinful souls and generate income. Develop, become more successful and break into the top of the best users of the game.

The “Idle Evil Clicker” does not need any skill, strategy, or approach on the player’s part. To become a skilled player, all you have to do is touch the screen.

The game will assist in relieving tension and providing an escape from the monotony of everyday life. You’ll be able to see the world of evil in a new light thanks to the stunning animation, full of vibrant colors and unique, lovable characters.

Both adults and children will find the game entertaining due to the presence of competition and the absence of any harsh elements.

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